Bodhi Batista doing Qigong in a studio.

Hi 👋, I'm Sifu Bodhi Batista R.Ac

Thanks for stopping by. I’m so excited to help you begin your Self- Health journey to living a healthier, happier life by making changes to the way you eat, move, breathe and think. All the techniques and information on this site have been tried and tested over the last twenty five years of practice with literally thousands of patients and students. I know you will find something here that will help you to experience the state of health that has eluded you. I’ve dedicated my life to helping others turn disease and disharmony into health and happiness. I’m so honoured to be a part of your journey.

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Get the Bodhi Medical Qigong App

In looking for the best way to deliver my very own “Bodhi Medical Qigong Program” to the public, I decided to create a simple to use “App” that could be used anywhere and anytime, with very little space. All you need is “You”, some comfortable clothing to move in, and your phone.